Home Painting

Looking to add some color to your home?

Hire our professional team of painters in Evansville and Newburgh! We provide both exterior and interior painting, whether it’s trim, walls, ceilings, decks, sheds, siding, or all the above, we can handle it.
painting evansville newburgh
painting evansville newburgh

What constitutes a quality painting job? There’s a difference between knowing how to paint and knowing how to paint well. The key to every great painting project lies in the prep work. Some surfaces need to be cleaned, primed and possibly even sanded before hand. If it’s not done correctly, the paint could end up pealing off in less than a year – especially exterior painting in Evansville and Newburgh because of the humidity and weather.

What does it mean to “cut in”? Cutting in is term used to describe the act of painting with a brush next to other surfaces of a different color – like next to door trim, baseboards, or ceilings. It’s very easy to mess this up and not achieve a clean straight line. When you cut-in lines are messed up, everyone one can tell that something just doesn’t feel right about the room. Proper paint preparation is key to a quality paint job.
painting evansville newburgh
We have the expertise needed to make sure your house painting in Evansville and Newburgh project is done right the first time – which will ultimately save you money in the long run. We are licensed and insured – ready to serve. Let us know how we can serve you today.

Interior Painting

Our company paints all types of projects — interior and exterior residential. We are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional, quality work. For over 30 years, we have provided friendly service at affordable rates in Evansville, Newburgh and Tri-State area. We feel confident in our ability to meet all your expectations and know that you are always our number one focus.

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